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Whether you want to stand out on the supermarket shelves, lightweight your spending and your environmental impact, reduce energy consumption and your carbon footprint or improve the consumer experience, we have the bottle solution for you.

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StarLITE®R CSD | Ultimate bottle quality for up to 100% rPET

Sidel’s signature StarLITE® family is expanding to meet the challenges of recycled PET. StarLITE®R for Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) is a 100% recycled PET bottle that combines material circularity with ultimate packaging quality.

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1SKIN | The essence of sustainable packaging

1SKIN™ is a unique PET bottle design for sensitive beverages that efficiently communicates brand messages and ecological commitment.

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PressureSAFE | The new safe PET aerosol container offering brands a sustainable and competitive edge

Designed for use with products such as perfumes and deodorants, PressureSAFE™ offers home and personal care brands a safe, pressurised container that is more competitive than traditional metal aerosols. This unique PET packaging solution maintains and enhances companies’ competitive edge by offering brand-specific packaging that is safe, robust, distinctive and environmentally friendly.

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NUUK | The new water rPET bottle concept inspired by Greenland

Sidel’s artistic designers have created the NUUK PET 500 ml bottle concept, a packaging drawing for water inspired by the purity of ice and its formations. Thanks to its asymmetric shape, NUUK stands out on the shelves, putting traditional bottle designs in the shadows. Produced from clear, 100% recycled PET (rPET), NUUK is a container designed for high-quality, fjord-sourced premium water brands.

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StarLITE HPC | The new base solution for flat PET containers

Sidel presents its StarLITE HPC base. A new, oval bottle base alternative that helps flat PET containers achieve optimum performance even with up to 100% recycled PET (rPET). 

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AYA | The innovative Eco-Packaging concept for still water

AYA is Sidel’s latest eco-friendly packaging design concept for still water that meets circular economy requirements. It is a sustainable,  innovative and comprehensive “End to End” packaging alternative covering all angles from 100% recycled PET primary to carton secondary and on to tertiary packaging alternatives – all optimised for local distribution methods. 

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X-LITE Still | The world’s lightest and more sustainable industrial bottle at the highest production speed

X-LITE™ Still is Sidel’s latest innovative 500ml PET packaging solution for non-pressurised still water. Thanks to its extremely light industrial bottle design, it is the most cost-effective and sustainable packaging available on the market. This pioneering solution addresses the still water market for small size PET bottles, in particular producers looking to optimise their packaging and production costs. 

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Sidel StarLite UltraLight CSD - gaining competitiveness and sustainability while ensuring great consumer experience

The Sidel StarLite™ family of bottle base solutions is expanding through the StarLite UltraLight for carbonated soft drinks (CSD). As the name suggests, this design allows for an even lighter, more sustainablebottle than the existing solutions in the beverage marketplace. By lowering the product costs, while maintaining the expected level of carbonation, this innovative bottle addresses the hard discount chains’ needs and challenges for more affordable products while ensuring a good product quality for a great consumer experience.

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BoostPRIME™: Premiumization, sustainability and revenue generation for hot-filled beverages in PET

BoostPRIME is a unique PET packaging solution offering a great alternative for hot-filled beverages in PET bottles. It expands the opportunities of product premiumisation and revenue generation with a positive impact on the environment and no compromise on packaging performance and the consumer experience. This innovative solution is addressing the single serve market of JNSDIT (juice, nectar, soft drink, isotonics, tea) filled in PET bottles up to 1.2L at a temperature of 85-88°C.

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Sidel RightWEIGHT™ for water: less weight, lower carbon footprint and a great consumer experience

Sidel’s new RightWEIGHT 0.5 litre bottle for still water weighs just 7.95 grams, with 8 CO2 grams saving per bottle, yet offers a superior consumer experience and a top-load performance of 33 kilograms, without the need for nitrogen dosing, using standard 26/22 closures.

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Sidel Starlite™ for Carbonated Soft Drinks

After the successful launch of the Sidel Starlite PET bottle base for water, now carbonated soft drinks (csd) bottlers can enjoy similar base-weight reduction and improved caron footprint and bottle performances. Reduced energy use and higher production output rates are the additional benefits of this award-winning bottle base. 

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Sidel Starlite™ Nitro - The innovative new bottle base technology for non-carbonated beverages

Sidel's StarLite Nitro base is a new non-petaloid base designed for still beverages bottled with nitrogen dosing. The new base can improve PET bottle resistance and stability, even in extreme high temperatures, while lowering package weight and energy consumption, and hence the impact on the environment.

The StarLite Nitro base takes all the benefits of the StarLite base - which was introduced in 2013 for the production of non-carbonated beverages bottled in PET and received the 'Best Environmental Sustainability Initiative' at the 2013 Global Bottled Water Awards. 

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Sidel Starlite™ Tropical - For carbonated beverages produced and distributed in extreme environmental conditions

Sidel's StarLite Tropical base enlarges the family of StarLite bottle solutions, originally developed by Sidel packaging experts. It is designed to offer a flexible solution for all carbonated soft drinks (CSD), in all packaging sizes from 0.25 to 3 litres and with all standard levels of carbonisation. 

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Sidel SteadyEDGE - The unique new patented base solution for flat and oval containers

The new base technology offers the possibility to create innovative and attractive PET package designs to differentiate brands while also ensuring bottle stability and cost-efficient production. 

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