StarLITE Tropical

Sidel's StarLite™ Tropical base expands the family of StarLite bottle solutions, originally developed by Sidel packaging experts. It is designed to offer a flexible solution for all carbonated soft drinks (CSD), in all packaging sizes from 0.25 to 3 litres and with all standard levels of carbonisation. 

The new base is specifically designed with just the right weight for CSD bottles undergoing harsh environmental conditions, such as those produced and distributed at very high temperatures or in particularly humid climates.

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The end result is a PET bottle that offers improved bottle resistance, as well as better stability throughout the supply chain.  The technology helps avoid material waste during production and storage and offers a great consumer experience, without compromising on the safety standards of the beverage. Sidel's packaging experts conducted various trails through computer simulations, followed by real-world physical tests, to achieve this optimum strength. 

The Sidel StarLite Tropical base is already in production in far-eastern countries by Sidel customers who have trialled the base and achieved great performance results, including significant improvements to stress cracking.   

Optimised bottle weight and resistance throughout the supply chain

The StarLite Tropical base, designed to improve resistance performance, has been evaluated and qualified under rigorous test protocols (1)

  • Its optimised geometry facilitates wall thickness distribution and reinforces the zones that are more susceptible to stress cracking. This ensures an optimised bottle weight with just enough material. It also avoids potential damage to the bottle walls and base, caused by contact with fluids or chemicals during conveying.
  • When the bottle is under pressure at high temperature, it demonstrates good base roll-out resistance and it is less likely to burst during production or to deform during transportation.

(1) creeping test conducted over 72 hours under 38°C and 50% moisture conditions

Greater bottle and pallet stability

Greater stability for the bottle and the pallets on which it is stacked is achieved through the enhanced base standing surface.

  • High surface contact of the base's feet ensures easy bottle transportation and smooth conveying, an efficient solution even for high output lines.
  • The large, stable bottle base prevents bottles falling when passing through machine interfaces within the PET bottling line and results in a higher production uptime

Base moulds for all production configurations

The new Sidel StarLite Tropical base moulds are a premium tooling solution.

  • StarLite Tropical base mould offers enhanced venting design, optimising cooling capacity further improving bottle base performances
  • Easy to implement in PET production lines and can be retrofitted to existing Sidel CSD moulds to adapt bottle designs
  • New base can be applied to all lines equipped with any generation of Sidel blowers, in standalone - with an additional post-mould cooling base device - or Combi configurations
  • Available for all Sidel moulds, line conversion to the new base is quick and in some cases, only requires a simple adjustment to filling-levels
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