Sidel RightWeight

Sidel’s new RightWeight™ 0.5 litre bottle for still water weighs just 7.95 grams, with 8 CO2 gramssaving per bottle, yet offers a superior consumer experience and a top-load performance of 33 kilograms, without the need for nitrogen dosing, using standard 26/22 closures. 

The bottle

  • weighs 34% less than the average commercial bottle   
  • achieves 32% more top-load performance than the lightest commercial bottle
  • resulting in cost savings of up to EUR 1.75 million  per year, according to Sidel data*. 

*Based on a Sidel Matrix blower with 20 cavities blowing at 2,250 bottles per hour and 6,000 hours of production per year, with a PET cost of EUR 1,600 per ton.

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The concept bottle is a result of Sidel's new rightweight approach to lightweight bottle design.

This approach ensures bottles are lighter yet also stay attractive, protect beverages and lead to high consumer satisfaction. 

Facts about Sidel RightWeight

  • For still water
  • 0.5 litres
  • 7.95 grams
  • Good consumer experience
  • 33 kilogram top-load resistance
  • Better resistance for your supply chain
  • No Nitrogen needed
  • Less energy during production
  • Compatible with standard 26/22 caps
  • No compromise on product quality 

Rightweighting versus lightweighting

Beverage producers are increasingly striving to unlock the value of a PET bottle across their entire supply chain, from concept to consumer. To achieve this, a bottle must be lighter, of course, but also stay attractive, protect the beverage and ensure high consumer satisfaction.

At Sidel we call this 'rightweighting'.

It's no longer about simply reducing the plastic content. Our new RightWeight bottle concept is designed to reduce bottle weight, and also save energy during production, improve bottle performance across the supply chain, without compromising on product quality, and result in a far better consumer experience for such a light bottle. 

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