Designed for use with products such as perfumes and deodorants, PressureSAFE™ offers home and personal care brands a safe, pressurised container that is more competitive than traditional metal aerosols. This unique PET packaging solution maintains and enhances companies’ competitive edge by offering brand-specific packaging that is safe, robust, distinctive and environmentally friendly.

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A unique and safe PET aerosol container enabling maximum packaging performance

PressureSAFE™ makes PET containers as safe as metal aerosol cans and transforms the way home and personal care product manufacturers address operational and supply chain challenges.

Thanks to its patented, highly resistant structure, this innovative PET aerosol container is leakage, breakage and rollout-proof during transportation and storage. PressureSAFE™ provides maximum packaging performance by combining:

  • A specific resin viscosity level
  • An optimised preform design
  • A special vault profile with a concave embossed structure

This ensures that the final product fully complies with FEA and PARG aerosol regulations and material specifications. The on-site production-line blower configuration required to mechanically form the container base that produces the aerosol spray design is provided by the Sidel Base OverStroke System (BOSS). This active mould base technology, proven for over 10 years, is available on Sidel’s latest blowing machine ranges, SBO EvoBLOW and SBO Universal.

Sustainable and competitive design development

Switching to PressureSAFE™ aerosol containers helps meet sustainability goals and demonstrate carbon-saving credentials, thereby satisfying customers’ eco-demands:

  • PET is regarded as a viable alternative within the packaging industry due to its competitive, sustainable features
  • PET has a raw material carbon footprint that is half that of aluminium
  • PET aerosol containers are 100% recyclable, including within the traditional PET recycling stream
  • The average PET market price is almost half that of aluminium

Enhanced brand image management

The physical characteristics of the PET aerosol container offers far greater design opportunities than traditional metal packaging. PressureSAFE™ has a patented base design that makes it easy to incorporate brand-specific structures, such as:

  • Different body designs, including belt and texturing options and a conical or round shoulder
  • PET transparency offering consumers direct product visibility
  • Distinctive decoration options such as partial or full body sleeves 

Sidel can help you shape packaging in line with any brand thanks to its comprehensive packaging services approach. Every design is customised to meet individual packaging specifications, supply chain conditions and product goals.  

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