StarLITE®R for CSD

StarLITE-R for Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) is the first solution in the new Sidel StarLITE-R range that is specifically designed to address rPET requirements. StarLITE-R for CSD is a bottle made of 100% recycled PET that secures ultimate packaging quality and increases bottle base performance. It features greater protection against deformation, optimum stability and increased resistance to bursting, thereby ensuring a transition to rPET bottles for all carbonated beverages with no fear! 

The variability of recycled PET (rPET) resin has become a major challenge for the packaging industry. But thanks to Sidel’s longstanding experience and expertise in rPET, our packaging engineers have developed this breakthrough solution that meets both resin variability and CSD bottle requirements.

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High process and bottle base performance

Leveraging improved process technology and an optimised mould base design, StarLITE-R for CSD offers key features, such as:

  • a new mould base profile: ensuring perfect material distribution through advanced stretching and high base clearance for optimum stability
  • an advanced stretch rod end design: improving preform end-cap material stretching and ensuring accurate injection gate centring on the bottle
  • a perfect combination of grooves and venting holes: securing high-precision base feet formation

Ultra-efficient bottle base cooling for perfect shaping

StarLITE-R for CSD also utilises dual external and internal bottle base cooling to ensure it is perfectly shaped:

  • externally, the process uses a mould base cooling circuit that focuses on the warmer bottle base zones
  • internally, a hollow-stretch rod is used for cooling with no additional air supply required

Seamless production transition

This dedicated rPET solution is:

  • quick and easy to install
  • ideal for new or existing EvoBLOW, Universal and Series 2 blowers
  • suitable for high-speed production
  • easy to adapt to current bottle designs 
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