Remote Video Assistance

Bridge the distance between your team and our specialists, and benefit from the expertise and experience of our Remote Video Assistance experts as if they were on-site! Our video-guided assistance can empower your team to conduct any operation on your packaging line with the utmost efficiency.

Fast and efficient cooperation

With real-time video sharing via phone, tablet or smart glasses, Sidel specialists can see exactly what your operators are looking at on the machine. So, thanks to augmented reality and a wide variety of functions, they can accurately guide your operators through every step of even complex operations to help you achieve your goals.

Extended on-site skills

Live cooperation empowers your team to carry out standard and even challenging operations with the same high quality results as our experts, while learning and gaining experience in areas such as:

  • Maintenance operations to secure machine availability
  • Format changeovers to enable handling of different packaging shapes
  • Line adaptations to adjust lines to suit new containers
  • Diagnostic Visits to prepare for future overhauls and optimise machine uptime
  • Equipment retrofits to upgrade capabilities and performance
  • Factory Acceptance Tests to ensure equipment is correct before shipping to your factory
  • Equipment installations to ensure a smooth start up
  • Troubleshooting through our Technical Support services

and much more

We focus on customer satisfaction

Always by your side on every step of the way to build, maintain and improve your line performance

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