rPET bottle production

In over 40 years’ experience of blowing and PET packaging, our engineers have developed a comprehensive understanding of rPET (recycled PET) and its impact on bottle production. They have now leveraged this knowhow to create a new hub of expertise: RePETable™, the 360° one-stop shop for recycled PET. From securing efficient rPET bottle production to designing packaging optimised for recycling, the RePETable™ range allows packaging industry players to pick the services that best fit their PET circularity needs.

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High production performance and bottle quality with up to 100% rPET

To reach the same level of performance as virgin PET, the recycled PET bottle production process needs to adapt to the resin used. RePETable™ therefore offers a comprehensive range of solutions to achieve this and secure production efficiency and bottle quality whatever the rPET percentage. 

RePETable™ includes packaging services, mould solutions, equipment upgrades, and process support, that allow you to:

  • optimise your blowing process to manage rPET resin
  • identify and reject out-of-spec rPET before processing 

In this way, you can overcome all the challenges associated with rPET bottle production by securing bottle mechanical resistance with optimum material stretchability and bottle shaping. 

For a holistic approach to recycled PET, RePETable™ also helps the market innovate with new, design-for-recycling materials for primary packaging.

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Extending packaging sustainability and cost-efficiency

While PET is already fully compliant with the circular economy, combining raw material reduction with recycled PET is the fastest way to reach carbon neutrality. With Sidel packaging optimisation services you can reduce bottle weight to secure greater sustainability and achieve significant cost reductions while minimising the impact of high recycled PET prices.


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