Packaging optimisation

Raw materials account for 70-80% of a bottle's cost and impacts carbon footprint. That's why Sidel bottle lightweighting leads to significant savings, increased sustainability while also securing bottle quality.

When optimising your packaging, we prefer to talk about rightweighting. This means that even though the weight is reduced, your final bottle is still strong and reflects your brand values. To achieve this, our experts assess your requirements (bottle weight, performance and shelf-life, line output, energy consumption etc.) and design the perfect solution qualified to meet them.

Our packaging optimisation approach includes:

  • Preform and bottle rightweighting design
  • Finite element analysis
  • Process improvements
  • Complete bottle quality controls
  • Shelf-life assessment 

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The ultra-small, ultra-light PET bottle for liquid dairy products

This mini PET bottle ranges from 65ml to 150ml and is perfect for the liquid dairy product industry where PET is increasingly seen as an attractive alternative. This new bottle is specifically designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase profitability while offering high-performance production and great marketing opportunities.

Benefitting from PET’s heightened sustainability credentials, this new ultra-light bottle is food grade, bottle-to-bottle recyclable and qualified for up to 100% recycled PET content. Its dedicated preform design also provides low blowing pressure below 15 bars, best-in-class bottle weight of only 3.9g for a 100ml bottle, as well as significant cost savings compared to other plastic materials.

This safe PET design protects product integrity during its entire shelf life and offers numerous creative options, including the use of white or transparent PET, multiple graphics and textures and a wide range of bottle necks, caps and labelling solutions.

Thanks to an optimised preform design, high bottle performance is secured even for bottles this small, as well as a wide process window despite the reduced number of heating zones. Optimal material distribution also ensures high-quality and production speeds of up to 66,000 bottles per hour with the Aseptic Combi Predis™ FMa.

The returnable, lightweight, resistant bottle for carbonated beverages

To meet the needs of the returnable bottle market, our packaging experts have designed a PET bottle with a best-in-class weight and a high level of resistance that withstands numerous washing cycles.

This structural design is available in various bottle formats (such as 1L, 1.5L and 2L) and provides significant benefits. The 1.5L bottle – for example - weighs only 77g and offers ultra-high performance with 28% weight savings compared to the market average.

Designed for repeated reuse, this bottle is qualified to resist up to 25 refillable loops. Combined with a dedicated blowing process, this preform and structural design enables the bottle to withstand high washing temperatures. The bottle also includes a reinforced neck to guarantee top bottle quality in neck-held washing and refill cycles.

Even when this returnable bottle reaches the end of its useful life, it can continue to maintain PET circularity by being recycled into a new bottle.

This bottle is compatible with Sidel eHR blow moulders

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