Line conversions

The priorities of any line conversion are to protect the product, maintain or increase line efficiency, and ultimately lower total cost of ownership (TCO). With our engineering and packaging expertise, we can help you to achieve these goals.

Our line conversions enable you to:

  • Package more beverages on your existing lines
  • Optimise your use of materials
  • Minimise consumption
  • Reduce changeover times 
  • Analysing your every opportunity

We address every piece of equipment and perform a complete analysis of your lines in order to identify cost and energy saving opportunities, potential productivity improvements and optimised product dependent parts for each piece of equipment.

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Same original quality

A good line or packaging conversion, including original Sidel package dependent parts, will result in the same quality as the original line or better, and will comply with hygiene and safety standards. Our engineering and project management excellence helps to ensure minimal downtime and fast start-up. Plus, control analyses make sure the desired bottle quality and line efficiency are achieved over time.

Packaging that performs

When you convert your line, you need to ensure that the integrity of the new product or bottle will be maintained across the entire supply chain. Our packaging team can help you to protect your products' quality at every stage and in any condition, while enabling you to benefit from the latest packaging designs.