Line conversions

As packaging becomes more diverse, production requirements change constantly. So, to adapt your packaging line’s performance, flexibility is key to the successful introduction of a new product. With Sidel, you can adapt your existing manufacturing line to handle new and optimised packaging. From primary (PET, can, glass containers etc.), to secondary and tertiary packaging, Sidel Line Conversion solutions help you move to new Stock Keeping Units (SKUs):

  • Preform or/and neck finish
  • Closure including Tethered cap
  • Container format and structural design, including new packaging and blowing technologies (StarLite™ bottle bases, Base Over Stroke System - BOSS…)
  • Label or sleeve
  • Secondary packaging (shrink film, cardboard boxes, conveyors)
  • Tertiary packaging (pallet pattern optimization)

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Maximised quality and performance

With Sidel’s expertise, you can benefit from reliable, customised, 100% OEM compatible Line Conversion solutions that match your specific production requirements. And to launch your new packaging, our engineers, packaging experts and project managers will look at each piece of equipment and perform a complete analysis of your line to:

  • Identify cost-and-energy-saving opportunities, potential productivity improvements and optimised product-dependent parts
  • Ensure minimal downtime and a fast start-up with quick and efficient line adaptation
  • Secure the optimum quality and safety of your newly introduced packaging
  • Maintain or even increase your line efficiency, through Line Improvement services, while reaching your sustainability score card and ultimately lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

PET packaging that performs

When changing your packaging, you need to ensure that the performance of the new product and bottle will be maintained across the entire supply chain. Fortunately, you can rely on Sidel’s 40 years of PET bottle expertise to define the best packaging design that will protect the quality of your product.

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