Liquid-package interaction analysis

Light, oxygen, temperature and other conditions can influence the quality of your end products. So our liquid-package interaction experts perform laboratory tests under real production and supply chain conditions to determine the most suitable packaging designs, PET resin, sizes, shapes, caps, and filling volumes. They account for your recipe, processing parameters and production conditions to maximise product quality and shelf life.

Our capabilities include:

  • Microbiological and compatibility testing
  • Physical, chemical, sensory and organoleptic analyses
  • Shelf life, closure and supply chain simulations
  • Aseptic filling and sampling

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Simulating real-life conditions to ensure quality

Our scientists are able to understand the behaviour of beverages in different packaging, and simulate real-life conditions from the factory floor all the way to consumers' homes. They conduct both physical and chemical testing, as well as subjective sensory analysis (i.e. taste testing) to ensure your beverage is not only safe, but also tastes great.

A global effort to beverage safety

We have two laboratories for liquid-packaging and aseptic analysis in Octeville, France, and two laboratories for filling and aseptic microbiological contamination analysis in Parma, Italy. We also have partnerships with universities and other laboratories worldwide.