Consumers look for interesting bottle shapes and format sizes that fit their lifestyles. And based on your insights, specifications, supply chain conditions and product goals, we can help you design a package in line with your brand. A bottle that is ergonomic, durable and unique.

Our capabilities include:

  • Conceptual design - bottle drafts and digital mock-ups
  • Technical design - all parts of the bottle and preform
  • Prototypes - 3D printed physical models

Why your packaging should be made of PET

PET offers great freedom of shape, which can help create a standout brand. It can also be moulded into single-serve, multi-serve or extended-family formats. Consumers like the convenience, re-sealability and recyclability of PET. Meanwhile, you will appreciate the environmental and cost-saving benefits it delivers.

Preforms: Cut an extra 15% off the weight

Sidel has redesigned the standard preform with a 26/22 neck finish in order to cut an extra 15% off the weight. With lighter preforms and shorter necks, we can help you save costs while maintaining bottle performance and ensuring a strong consumer experience.

Sidel Rightweight™ for water - Less weight and a great consumer experience

Sidel’s new Rightweight 0.5 litre bottle for still water weighs just 7.95 grams, yet offers a superior consumer experience and a top-load performance of 33 kilograms, without the need for nitrogen dosing, using standard 26/22 closures.

The bottle

The concept bottle is a result of Sidel's new rightweight approach to lightweight bottle design. This approach ensures bottles are lighter yet also stay attractive, protect beverages and lead to high consumer satisfaction. 

  • weighs 34% less than the average commercial bottle   
  • achieves 32% more top-load performance than the lightest commercial bottle
  • resulting in cost savings of up to EUR 1.75 million  per year, according to Sidel data*. 

Facts about Sidel RightWeight

  • For still water
  • 0.5 litres
  • 7.95 grams
  • Good consumer experience
  • 33 kilogram top-load resistance
  • Better resistance for your supply chain
  • No Nitrogen needed
  • Less energy during production
  • Compatible with standard 26/22 caps
  • No compromise on product quality 

Rightweighting versus lightweighting

Beverage producers are increasingly striving to unlock the value of a PET bottle across their entire supply chain, from concept to consumer. To achieve this, a bottle must be lighter, of course, but also stay attractive, protect the beverage and ensure high consumer satisfaction. At Sidel we call this 'rightweighting'. It's no longer about simply reducing the plastic content. Our new RightWeight bottle concept is designed to reduce bottle weight, and also save energy during production, improve bottle performance across the supply chain, without compromising on product quality, and result in a far better consumer experience for such a light bottle.

Sidel Starlite™ - The innovative PET bottle base for still drinks

The new Sidel StarLite PET bottle base for still drinks offers your packages:

  • More bottle-base stability and resistance
  • More resistance to extreme temperatures (hot and cold)
  • More lightweighting possibilities
  • More energy savings
  • More design flexibility

Without compromising on the bottle integrity or the safety standards of the still beverage inside. 

The Sidel StarLite bottle base utilises two proprietary PET design innovations:

  • Edge Beam™, which is a specific groove structure that improves base stiffness
  • Smart Disc™, a disc structure that reinforces the base to prevent deformation.

Both innovations have been designed and tested by Sidel packaging experts, using proprietary bottle-validation technology to increase rigidity in the base and reduce plastic use. The base design can be adapted to all Sidel blowing platforms, and applied to existing production lines. The base is especially suited for water and juices, and under certain conditions can also be used for other still beverages.

Sidel Starlite™ for carbonated soft drinks

After the successful launch of the Sidel Starlite PET bottle base for water, now carbonated soft drinks (CSD) bottlers can enjoy similar base-weight reduction and improved bottle performances.

Reduced energy use and higher production output rates are the additional benefits of this award-winning bottle base. 

Tested and proven

To create this innovative base, Sidel's packaging experts analysed different geometrical solutions to achieve optimum strength for the CSD bottle base. These designs were run through computer simulations followed by real-world physical tests to create the final design. This design includes four key patents covering the slopes, ridges and truncations.

Ten different Sidel customers have already trialled the StarLite CSD bottle base and achieved the following benefits:

  • Better protection against stress cracking
  • Better base resistance
  • Lightweighting opportunities
  • Reduced energy use
  • Higher output
  • Easy to blow
  • Easy to implement

Available for all PET bottle sizes up to three litres, the Sidel StarLite CSD base can be used with all Sidel blowing platforms and output speeds, including the Sidel Matrix system for liquid packaging.

Innovative PET bottle for Beer

The world’s first-ever pasteurizable lightweight PET bottle for beer with a non-petaloid base. More and more beer producers are starting to realise the many benefits of switching from glass to PET packaging. Not only can PET bottles maintain the appearance and stability of a glass beer bottle, but they are up to 86% lighter. For manufacturers, this means significant improvements in supply chain performance and their sustainability profile, plus lower production costs.

The PET beer bottle:

  • Incorporates a crown cap and non-petaloid (champagne) base
  • Can withstand pressure of 20 pu in the tunnel (standard for lagers)
  • Weighs just 28g
  • Maintains a stable base after pasteurisation
  • Enables design flexibility

Tested and proven

When packaging beer it is critical to prevent oxygen entering and carbon dioxide escaping the package. The new PET beer bottle design achieves this with different solutions, such as single-layer material blends and Sidel's proprietary Actis™ gas-barrier technology. As a result, the bottle can protect beer qualities for up to six-months. The PET beer bottle has successfully undergone full industrial production tests to prove its performance, both during production and across simulated supply chains. These tests include:

  • Advanced packaging optimisation and qualification tests
  • Finite element analysis and feasibility testing
  • Stability evaluation
  • Liquid quality protection
  • Rigidity testing

Sidel packaging experts have blown a 330 millilitre version that can achieve a six-month shelf life (with less than 1 parts-per-million (ppm) of oxygen ingress and less than 17% of carbon dioxide loss). We can also provide versions up to 600 millilitres and are continuously developing even larger sizes.

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