Packaging and preform design

Consumers look for interesting bottle shapes and format sizes that fit their lifestyles. And based on your insights, specifications, supply chain conditions and product goals, we can help you design a package in line with your brand. A bottle that is ergonomic, durable and unique.

Our capabilities include:

  • Conceptual design - bottle drafts and digital mock-ups
  • Technical design - all parts of the bottle and preform
  • Prototypes - 3D printed physical models

Why your packaging should be made of PET

PET offers great freedom of shape, which can help create a standout brand. It can also be moulded into single-serve, multi-serve or extended-family formats. Consumers like the convenience, re-sealability and recyclability of PET. Meanwhile, you will appreciate the environmental and cost-saving benefits it delivers.

Preforms: Cut an extra 15% off the weight

Sidel has redesigned the standard preform with a 26/22 neck finish in order to cut an extra 15% off the weight. With lighter preforms and shorter necks, we can help you save costs while maintaining bottle performance and ensuring a strong consumer experience.

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