Packaging qualification

Using virtual bottle modelling with finite element analysis, we can evaluate bottle stability, rigidity and quality prior to industrial production to ensure that your bottle will perform in the real world.

We work with both your internal and external designers in order to improve your bottle's strength and performance across the supply chain, provide a faster design cycle and reduce costs.

Our capabilities include:

  • Finite element analysis and supply chain simulations
  • Full feasibility studies and performance tests with pilot moulds and Sidel equipment
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary package testing
  • ISO 17025 certification for testing and calibration

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Validating your designs to perform optimally

Whether you are qualifying products for a new line or converting an existing one, we can validate your design from top to bottom, performing a series of holistic tests to ensure that it is ergonomic, strong, efficient and in line with consumer expectations.

  • Dimensional, mechanical and barrier tests
  • Thickness and weight, brim/fill point and shelf life assessments
  • Compression, drop impact and other stress testing
  • O2 permeability and CO2 loss analyses
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