Tethered cap

How can beverage industry players reduce their impact on the environment? In addition to increased plastic bottle collection, reduced bottle weight and the incorporation of rPET into bottles, tethered caps are one of the main levers being enforced by many local regulations. This is because they keep the cap attached to the bottle all the way up to when it is collected and recycled.

Having greener packaging has acquired a worldwide momentum that cannot be ignored. So, make sure you are ready at an early stage with the launch of your sustainable containers and turn these new regulations into business opportunities that will keep you ahead of the market by offering the best solutions.

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Why leverage the huge PET packaging potential

Ensuring greener PET packaging is not only about complying with local regulations and anticipating plastic Eco taxes, it also offers you great opportunities to:

  • Ensure consumer acceptance
  • Reach your sustainability score card
  • Increase your business profitability

Achieving greener packaging and lower production costs

At Sidel, we will help you move to more sustainable solutions and give you all the support you need to:

  • Evaluate and qualify the right tethered cap solution to match consumer acceptance
  • Optimise your bottle neck, weight and shape while taking rPET incorporation into consideration (mandatory in Europe by 2025) and optimising your blowing process
  • Adapt your bottling equipment to your new packaging with the minimum changes

Lastly, we can help you drastically reduce your long-term production costs and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, with payback in less than 2 years only.

The support of Sidel’s extensive expertise

You can rely on Sidel’s comprehensive approach to ensure the success of your product launch with:

  • Great market insights based on a valuable recent consumer survey and close collaboration with major closure suppliers, to guide you on Tethered Cap expectations and acceptance as well as market closure possibilities
  • 40-years of PET bottle expertise to help optimise your packaging and cap qualification
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) know-how to adapt your production assets using Sidel Line Conversion services
  • Sidel’s engineering and project-management excellence to ensure minimal line downtime and a fast start-up
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