In over 40 years’ experience of blowing and PET packaging, our engineers have developed a comprehensive understanding of rPET (recycled PET) and its impact on bottle production. They have now leveraged this knowhow to create a new hub of expertise: RePETable™, the 360° one-stop shop for recycled PET. From designing packaging optimised for recycling to securing efficient rPET bottle production, the RePETable™ range allows packaging industry players to pick the services that best fit their PET circularity needs.

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Sidel’s small-scale recycling pilot line is part of the RePETable™ mission to support robust PET circularity. It helps the market innovate with new materials for primary packaging (closures, sleeves, glues, labels, additives and colouring…) while ensuring they are designed-for-recycling.

The pilot line recreates every step in the recycling process, including:

  • washing
  • drying and pellet extrusion
  • crystallisation and Solid State Polymerisation
  • dedicated process and laboratory controls 

Our experts therefore analyse every aspect in the recycling and bottle production processes, including post-consumer PET bales, flakes and the pellets to be injected into the preform as well as rPET bottle blow moulding and industrialisation.

This bottle-to-bottle approach ensures:

  • Recycling process efficiency
  • Resin quality
  • rPET bottle performance 

To reach the same level of performance as virgin PET, the recycled PET bottle production process needs to adapt to the resin used. RePETable™ therefore offers a range of solutions to achieve this and secure production efficiency and bottle quality whatever the rPET percentage.

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