Edible Oil Lines

From innovative packaging concept to industrial design reality, a single supplier with a large portfolio adapted for every need

Today, edible oil is a very competitive market category, essentially driven by product and brand differentiation as well as competitiveness through packaging cost savings, production efficiency and permanent asset optimization.

Sidel has a strong heritage in edible oil, acting as a one-stop shop partner in proposing complete and integrated PET lines. Our comprehensive portfolio of equipment is capable of answering any request in terms of PET bottles, labels, caps, secondary packaging, footprint and line speeds along with ensuring an overall technical coherence, an adapted level of investment and an optimized return on investment (ROI).

  • One-stop shop guaranteeing a 90% line efficiency
  • Unique interlocutor with full responsibility (packaging & manufacturing)
  • Leading-edge equipment and state-of-art technology
  • Asset optimization along the line lifecycle
  • Innovative & cost-driven packaging design solutions

Backed up by more than four decades of experience, we make sure we differentiate your bottles with our “attractive Design-to-cost” approach by:

  • Creating an iconic solution for your brand
  • Optimizing weight and surface to save on resources and raw material
  • Making sure our design allows mechanization
  • Offering all secondary packaging options including Shelf Ready Packaging solutions

We focus on customer satisfaction

Always by your side on every step of the way to build, maintain and improve your line performance

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