Gebo Aidlin 18-18 | 18-18CR


  • High flexibility cap feeding for multi-product lines
  • Optimum reliability while preserving cap integrity and cleanliness
  • Fast changeovers 


Sidel’s dual belt feeders, Aidlin 18-18 and Aidlin 18-18CR, are highly productive solutions. Offering easy integration thanks to their low space requirements and remote placement from the capper through to the Flat Top air conveyor, they are also ergonomic, with cap replenishment at floor level and chest height.

Their operational autonomy is high thanks to their pre-feeding solutions, the low-level and blockage detection system in the hopper and ejector, and the availability of a large capacity hopper if needed.

Aidlin 18-18 and Aidlin 18-18CR will protect your caps:

Cap integrity

  • Suitable for fragile or thin-walled closures
  • Baffle plate over belt bears full weight of cap bulk
  • Quality control: ejection systems for caps that are missing the tamperproof ring and for upside-down caps

Cap hygiene

  • Waterfall technology creating no dust
  • Remote feeding with flat Top air conveyor
  • Air dedusting device
  • Secure front access door for hopper maintenance and cleaning
  • Total accessibility and use of durable materials (PET, stainless steel) to simplify cleaning
  • High Hygiene options:
    - positive pressure in hopper, 0.01-micron filtration at ejection
    - HEPA filtration of Flat Top air columns
    - raised hopper and under-chassis protection


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