PalRoboKombi & PalVite


  • Multifunction, very flexible and reliable solution
  • Ability to operate in reduced and contained production areas
  • Quick and automatic changeover, low maintenance 


With the Pal Robo-kombi & Pal Vite palletizers, operations can be carried out at several stations, thus replacing several equivalent traditional machines, and all controlled by a single operator.

Various configurations can be created with entries/exits oriented in any direction. The work cycle can be modified and optimized by customizing the system through precise trajectories and conditions using dedicated software and a joystick.

Several different robots can be included in the island with the possibility of operating in parallel at the same work position. Head changes can be automatic, with consequent reductions in format changeover times.

Pal Robo-kombi & Pal Vite palletizers cover everything from crates to loose bottles or packs, handling both complete layers and rows, with potential output ranges from 450 cycles/hour with 600 kilograms at wrist up to 550 cycles/hour with 300 kilograms. Their line working capability is up to 5.4 layers/min. (single pallet version) and up to 8 layers/min. (double pallet SP 1000 HS version).

With their high-efficiency drives, reduced TCO and low noise level, these machines are highly sustainable solutions. 


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