• Single column with double lifting unit and low level infeed
  • Universal, flexible and scalable architecture
  • Clean design with advanced ergonomics and accessibility 


Flexibility and versatility accurately describe EvoFlex®, which is a high-speed single column palletizer suitable for any speed application. It handles all product and pallet types without manual adjustment.

EvoFlex® guarantees fast changeovers: in less than one minute, changeovers are performed automatically without any manual intervention.

EvoFlex® has a low level infeed, providing high accessibility and better visibility. With this infeed, all operations are at ground floor, effectively eliminating health and safety risks. Compared to a high level infeed, it removes the need for a pack elevator, stairs and elevated platforms.

As fewer conveyors are needed, CAPEX is naturally lower, while the machine's simplified maintenance with easy access to machine parts allows for reduced OPEX.

EvoFlex® brings down total cost of ownership:

  • Only one operator for the whole end-of-line
  • Optimized consumptions:
    • High-efficiency drives based on brushless technology.
    • Low air consumption, only 2 cylinders.
  • Very low maintenance:
    • Sturdy and reliable single column technology.
    • Simple motion technology: armored driving belts, no chains.
    • Reduced component groups.

Other advantages of EvoFlex® are its easy operation and remarkable accessibility:

  • Compact/reduced layout.
  • Adaptability to site constraints.
  • Improved ergonomics and safety:
    • Only one operator for the whole end-of-line.
    • Simple supervision operation.
    • All operations and mains parts accessible at floor level.
  • Autonomy: intuitive and user-friendly operator interface.


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