• The most efficient, reliable and durable palletizers on the market
  • Palletizing of all kinds of parallelepiped packs
  • High-level infeed and a mobile pallet, for an optimal use of floor space 


PalLinear is a high-speed high-level inline palletizer and one of the most efficient, reliable and durable machines on the market today. It can reach very high speeds while at the same time guaranteeing gentle product handling. Among its multiple advantages, it offers very high outputs, reliability in terms of duration and sturdiness, high structural rigidity, low noise levels, user-friendly format changeovers, and simple direct access for inspection, cleaning and maintenance.

Working at up to 660 layers per hour, PalLinear has a line working capability of 10 layers/min. It is fitted with operator and control safety devices guaranteeing the proper functioning of the machine at all times.


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