PalPack 4000 & PalKombi


  • Modular and industrial design
  • High speed
  • Eco-design - Energy saving 



PalKombi is an automatic palletizer suitable for crates, cartons, trays, shrink-wrapped packs and all types of packages in general. Designed for medium to high speeds, PalKombi works with a steady low-level infeed pallet. The maximum speed is 5 layers/minute for the one-pallet version and 8 layers/minute for the version with two pallets worked simultaneously. The preformed layer lifting system is supported by two vertical columns with U-shaped closed bars. Wearproof steel guides ensure the roller bearings roll efficiently. With a simple design and standard parts, PalKombi benefits from a precise mechanical assembly and high-quality components. It affords easy control and access and is fully safeguarded against accidents. 



PalPack offers both productivity and flexibility. When in use, there is no interruption in the product flow at the palletizer infeed, while an extremely user-friendly HMI provides direct access to the various parameters of the installation. Changeovers are quick and automatic. In terms of performance, PalPack affords ergonomic, floor-level operation for simple, minimum maintenance, as well as instant programming of patterns and continuous and versatile layer preparation: 2, 4 or 6 robots optimize layer preparation depending on the product infeed speed.


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