DepalKombi Gripping


  • Proven technology
  • Product flexibility
  • Many possible configurations (different types of infeed: single or double lane, high level) 


DepalKombi Gripping depalletizer for plastic crates boasts numerous assets, including versatility, efficiency, simplicity of operation, and full safety.

Its versatility is remarkable: it is suitable for low/medium speed applications and for both low-level and high-level depalletization, and caters for half and full-depth crates. It can handle all pallet standards up to 1,250 mm. it offers great layout flexibility with an in-line / 90° outfeed configuration. Quick adjustment is also guaranteed for frequent changeovers (patterns and pallet sizes).

In terms of efficiency, the Sidel gripping depalletizer for plastic crates offers improved ergonomics and safety:

  • Simple supervision operations.
  • All operations and mains parts accessible at floor level.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly operator interface.
  • Compact machine and adaptable layout.
  • Sturdy and reliable technology.
  • Depalletization/Palletization aisle available to optimize space and cycles.

With its optimized design and enhanced crate handling, the DepalKombi Gripping is exceedingly simple for operators to use, offering easy access on all sides and minimal floor space requirements. It can be easily fitted into existing lines. The design is simple and standard parts are employed.

Safe operator intervention is our foremost priority and the machine has been designed with this in mind. It is fitted with safety barriers and mesh guards (2500mm) around all the moving parts in accordance with EC standards. Additionally, it is equipped with safety micro-switches installed on the access gates in order to stop the machine in case of any human intervention.

In terms of sustainable development, DepalKombi Gripping depalletizer is fitted with IE2 high-efficiency drives as standard, and emits a very low noise level.


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