Sweepoff A & B


  • Proven technology
  • Adaptable to the product
  • Automatic stacker of pads, top frames and pallets



The Sweepoff A & B are highly versatile: they are suitable for any speed application and for both low-level and high-level container outfeeds. They are adaptable to different layouts with in line / 90° outfeed configuration, and offer different magazine configurations according to raw materials to handle.

Different pallet sizes and heights can also be handled, with the Sweepoff A & B offering automatic changeovers for different product heights without mechanical intervention, all in less than 1 minute.

This line of depalletizers also boast improved ergonomics and safety, as well as optimized design and container holding:

    • Simple supervision operations
    • Intuitive and user-friendly operator interface
    • Compact machine and adaptable layout
    • Sturdy and reliable technology
    • Discharging table with adjustable speed according to containers characteristics.
    • Different table length according to the line speed.

The Sweepoff A & B are sustainable solutions, with high efficiency drives, low air consumption, only 2 cylinders and a low noise level.


  • Sweepoff A

Automated high-level depalletizer

Sweepoff A is high-speed, reaching up to seven layers per minute. Well-suited to bottling lines with high outputs (up to 144,000 cph), this depalletizer is efficient due to its straight forward design, construction and operation. 

Its benefits include:

    • High performing
    • Reliable
    • Flexible (in terms of container, format and pallet)
    • Quick and easy format changeover
    • Completely automated
    • Fully customizable
    • High operator safety standards


  • Sweepoff B

Automated low-level depalletizer

Sweepoff B works at medium speeds, reaching up to three layers per minute. Particularly well-suited for glass bottling lines, this depalletizer can also handle PET bottles and offers easy access. 

Its benefits include:

    • Reliable
    • Flexible (in terms of containers and formats)
    • Completely automated
    • Fully customizable
    • Easy access and cleaning
    • High operator safety standards 


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