Cermex BC50 packer


  • Tray forming, loading and lidding on a single machine
  • Ideal solution for shelf-ready packaging
  • Compact and ergonomic design


The BC50 combined tray packer/lid fitter offers numerous advantages. Firstly, all types of lids are handled (U-shaped lid, cross lid, etc.). Next, the lid and tray are evenly pressed, thus guaranteeing squaring. Additionally, the blank magazines are easy to access. As an option, full wrap-around cases with short flaps, trays with ledges, etc. can also be handled, while tray or lid gluing is possible with products with no counter-pressure.

All operations are positively controlled, and the unit offers speeds of up to 26 outers per minute depending on the product and collation. Automatic size changeovers are available as an option.



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