Cermex WB&BB


  • Ultra-smooth operations ensuring packaging quality
  • Total Cost of Ownership slashed, with 30% electricity savings
  • Easy changeovers in less than 5 minutes 


Our Cermex WB&BB wrap-around case and tray packers boast a high level of hygiene and enhanced ergonomics.

Their open design means that there are fewer dust and fluid retention zones, and cleaning is made easier by improved access to the machine parts. The WB and BB are fitted with hygienic and low-maintenance thermoplastic polyurethane timing belts (FDA approved).

Additionally, a new motion system has been designed for these wrap-around case and tray packers, comprising:

  • A new automation platform with electronic synchronization
  • Enhancement of the case handling part, removal of the chains
  • Greater precision on case positioning
  • Fully compliant with OMAC and Pack ML standards

With the Cermex WB&BB wrap-around case and tray packers, changeovers are easy and quick (5 minutes). Adjustments are done automatically - case length, width and height - and the machine is fitted with new unlock / lock push buttons for ultra-fast adjustments. Thanks to its quick release systems, the replacement of change parts is ultra-rapid.

Integration of Track & Trace solution for serialization, for greater traceability (in option)


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