Cermex EvoPack

The increasing need of customization for added-value packs, new selling and shipping units, is forcing manufacturers to re-evaluate their current use of repacking activities, which generate important associated cost, quality and sustainability side effects.

Smaller and larger case counts can each help minimize these effects by managing, storing and shipping products in the adapted quantities with much more ease and flexibility, for the upcoming tasks of the distribution centers, the E-commerce order preparation and the remaining needs of repacking.

To answer these needs and to return to a fair and optimized level of repacking activities while still ensuring the traditional high production volumes of the standard formats, Sidel has designed Cermex EvoPack, a highly flexible Industry 4.0 case-packing platform for Food Home and Personal Care shaped containers in Wrap-Around blanks, trays & Shelf Ready Packaging.

At the secondary packaging level, Cermex EvoPack is the ideal answer in a single compact equipment solution.

Top three benefits

  • Capability to cope with high production volumes with a great footprint/speed ratio of up to 60 cases/minute in less than 30 m²
  • Ability to manage a high diversity of needs: Primary packaging from 100ml to 1L bottle and case counts of 2 to 24 containers or more, for secondary packaging
  • Fast and repeatable format changeovers with automatic motorized adjustments from 5 minutes to 15 minutes maximum


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