EvoFilm Stretch

Today, plastic film continues to be an ideal material for secondary packaging due to its best-in-class lightness and density ratio per selling unit. Film-to-film recyclability and reduced greenhouse gas impacts are major benefits when completing the full film life cycle analysis. 

While shrink-wrapping is the most common solution, stretch wrapping technology offers now revolutionary results. Performed at ambient temperature, so no shrink tunnel is required, this new wrapping process offers huge plastic and energy savings that will boost your bottom line and sustainability goals. 

Stretch characteristics


  • Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
  • High pre-stretch neutral film
  • Film thickness: from 10 to 23 microns (0.39 to 0.96 mils)


  • Pack auto-sealing by self-adhesive film property
  • Various film revolutions possibilities (2 to 4) to suit pack requirements
  • Ideal solution for transportation/logistic needs 

Top 3 benefits:

  • 50% reduction in plastic film quantity needed for an equivalent batch of product
  • 90% reduction in energy consumption as no shrink tunnel is required
  • Significant machine footprint reduction as no shrink tunnel and discharge conveyors are needed anymore
Compared to traditional solutions, based on the following assumptions:
1.75 L - 3x2 (figures for 1000 packs)
 Shrink SolutionStretch SolutionSaving
Plastic used [kg] 16.9 8.6 -8.3 -49%
Energy consumption [kWh] 25.1 2.8 -22.3 -89%


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