• Reliable solution delivering high-quality shrink-wrapped packs
  • Robustness and maintainability at minimum cost
  • Factory of the Future platform with enhanced user experience 


The EvoFilm® seamless shrink-wrapping range is the fruit of Sidel’s in-house innovation and longstanding expertise. The user experience is unrivalled thanks to numerous leading-edge innovations and features, including the Human Machine Interface and the range’s multiple fittings, the numerous formats handled, the fully automatic changeovers and the ultra-reliable infeed – all within your budget constraints.

Reliable machine infeed:

The shrink-wrapper infeed is a key station for Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). A perfect link between the conveying/accumulation phases and the entrance of the containers (bulk or packs) into the shrink-wrapper’s channels is mandatory. Our comprehensive range of infeed systems allows us to propose a perfectly adapted solution to your specific needs and line constraints (inline infeed, conical infeed, 90° infeed, connection to the AQFlex contactless conveying solution, etc.). Our Active Infeed system also eliminates bottle bridges, blockages and jams due to lightweight bottles.

Product and equipment protection:

Numerous fittings, adapted to your products' shape and resistance, guarantee smooth handling at all times: plastic rollers integrated into the guiding lanes for easy, non-aggressive laning of products, sensors or robot to detect and remove fallen products, motorized conveyor with nose bar for transfer zones, flight bars positioned outside the label area, anti-jamming sensors at the tunnel outfeed, etc.

User experience:

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) controls production functions and machine parameters via intuitive and ergonomic navigation. To improve machine operability and maintainability, this touch-screen control panel includes tutorials and interactive rich media content. The user experience is completed with high connectivity, Equipment Smart Monitoring to optimize performance and remote access including video assistance with augmented reality for rapid and reliable recovery

Flexibility / Multi-formats:

From user-friendly to fully automated changeovers! With growing demand for greater product diversity and customization, we have built a portfolio of solutions perfectly adapted to the level of flexibility and assistance to operators you require, while still meeting your budget constraints. 100% automated, from product infeed all the way down to the tunnel outfeed, motorization of adjustment points, digital readouts with LEDs that change from red to green as soon as the actual position of the part matches the data stored in the format recipe, reduction in change parts and easy dismantling of key modules and equipment, and more. All contribute to optimizing ergonomics, repeatability and format changeover times to respond to the ever-growing number of products, formats and SKUs.

Accessibility and Ergonomics:

The pure, elegant and clean design of the range improves access to all elements thanks to large see-through sliding doors. The shrink tunnel design and the extractable injection/vacuum table are 2 other great examples of easy access for cleaning and maintenance. This guarantees higher overall productivity, daily machine operation is simplified and operator working conditions are improved.


Reduction in the overall number of parts and components, easy dismantling of belts and machine organs, transmission chains replaced with servo-motors… Our machine design principles focus on optimizing maintenance operations while clear Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) support operators in preventive actions. The “System Diagnostic Manager” tool helps engineers and technicians to check machine operations and sort out problems by analyzing the controller’s configuration or runtime settings.

Control Architecture:

For increased performance and simplicity, the user interface, PLC and axis cards making up the control system are all sourced from the same supplier, capable of providing a high-quality service worldwide. The component replacement is Plug & Play thanks to automatic firmware upgrades and program uploads.

Modular Architecture:

The design of the range in standard independent modules offers numerous advantages linked to reductions in costs and lead times during the manufacturing phase. Further advantages, in terms of versatility throughout the machine life cycle by integrating a selection of additional functions such as Options & Upgrades, extend the equipment’s Return on Investment (ROI).


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