C18 Shrink-wrappers


  • Ideal solution for contract packing or mixed product collations
  • Ability to handle all types of products, even unstable ones
  • Continuous functioning with or without sealing bar 


This Flexible range is the ideal solution for those who require semi-automatic shrink-wrapping machinery which combines manual loading with automatic shrink-wrapping, either with or without a traveling sealing bar.

Shrink-wrapping with sealing bar

This features a traveling sealing bar and pre-feeding of film. The bar movement guarantees continuous shrink-wrapping with no halting or jolting. Unstable and lightweight products enjoy improved stability when the sealing bar descends as it controls the film feed. 

Without sealing bar

Without the sealing bar, there is no visible seal. The film is printed for direct marketing, for all types of packs thanks to the print registered film. The result is a great promotional tool, for limited series and sampling, offering improved packaging identification on the shelf as well as in the stockroom.


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