Cermex E458, E460 & E478


  • Gantry case packing solution to suit your speed/budge requirements
  • Smooth controlled movements for optimum product loading
  • Robust structure and optimized access conditions 


Sidel’s Pick & Place packers provide controlled and accurate product gripping and loading, ensuring the quality of your products and labels. With their robust mechanical design, they offer operators optimized access to parts, for enhanced hygiene and simple maintenance.

All types of product infeed are possible, for RSC case-packing with or without partitions. Our Pick & Place packers guarantee quick and easy size changeovers. They can be set to a standalone configuration or one associated with forming and gluing modules in order to obtain a combined forming/loading/gluing unit (depending on your layout constraints).

They have wide payload capacities depending on bottle sizes, and can reach speeds of up to:

  • E458: 24,000 bottles/hour for sequential case packer
  • E460: 14,000 bottles/hour for sequential case packer
  • E478: 44,000 bottles/hour for sequential case packer


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