Cermex SB & SW


  • Direct access into the machine at floor level
  • Product retention zones minimized
  • Compact and ergonomic machine design 



The products are fed in by single-layer simple transfer or by a mechanical or servo-driven elevating or lowering stacker.

This multi-function equipment has a compact layout and footprint with easy access and operability:

  • Case magazine height lowered to improve blank handling by the operator.
  • Cantilever design of the case transfer mechanism.
  • Absence of product retention zones so that products fall directly on the ground, at the infeed,collation and loading stations, thanks to sloping plates
  • Maximum product tracing guaranteed.
  • Hygienic operating conditions.
  • Size changeover times optimised thanks to centralised setting points and the integration of changeover assistance via IVO digital counters (as an option)
  • Speeds of up to 13.5 cases/min for the 2-station model and 20 cases/min for the 3-station model.



  • Product and batch control by vision system.
  • Integration of the labeling operation.
  • For requirements in terms of speed and smooth handling, the loading operation can be carried out by a “Pick & Pack” gripper: 2-axis, 3-axis, 6-axis, or Scara.


Integration of Track & Trace solution for serialization, for greater traceability (in option)


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