Cermex FlexiCase & SD


  • Case forming, loading and sealing in a single, very compact unit
  • Speeds of up to 40 cases/minute
  • Best “speed/footprint/packaging size range” combination on the market 


The SD and FlexiCase® are multifunction top-loading case packers that offer the best speed/footprint/packaging size range combination on the market.

They are designed with a completely modular mechanical and control-system architecture and offer the choice of sequential (stop & go) or continuous technology to cover various product handling systems.

These case packers comprise a compact and positive vertical case-forming system equipped with 16 servo-motors in total, including 6 for the forming operation and 3 for the sealing operation. Sealing of top flaps is done using glue or adhesive tape, and case squaring is guaranteed. For human interventions, they have a cantilever structure for walk-in access into the heart of the machine.

In 2014, they underwent some significant developments to boost their performance even further:

  • New kinematics for the sealing operation, reducing the overall machine length by 1100mm
  • Lightweight carbon and aluminum gripping tooling (beehive structure), reducing inertia during Pick & Place movements in order to integrate more compact gripping arms and to lower energy consumption
  • Retractable loading funnel for easy access to the cases at the loading station 


The SD’s mechanical performance has been enhanced and it can perform case forming, loading and sealing, all on a single machine. It offers compact and ergonomic design at each station, and is fully accessible for any intervention. Its innovative design incorporates sliding safety guards.

With a payload of up to 55 kg with tooling (depending on products and loading stroke), the SD offers speeds of up to 28.5 cases per minute depending on the types of products and collations. Product and case size ranges are available on request, while a vision system offering product and batch control is an option.


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