Cermex C6 | Case gluers


  • Flaps folded in line
  • Guaranteed squaring of the case
  • Extensive size range capability



For low to high speed lines, the C6 case gluer is the optimum choice. Flap gluing can be done at the top as well as at both top and bottom, and the machine implements a continuous case transfer operation.

The internal flaps are folded precisely by a fixed guide and an articulated arm, then evenly glued, while the external flaps are folded progressively. Pressure is applied evenly to the sealed case. The C6 also comes with a rotating folding arm for high speeds.

This very compact machine offers versatile layouts and has a robust design. The size range is extensive (small to big RSC) and size changeovers are quick and efficient. The C6 offers a gluing speed of 100 cases/min.





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