Cermex F3 | Case Erectors


  • Low, medium and high-speed solutions
  • Positive case handling and high flexibility
  • More than 1800 machines sold



With more than 1800 machines installed worldwide, our case erecting and forming portfolio for RSC cases has no equivalent for:
* Positive case extraction thanks to double extraction arm fitted with suction cups
* Precise case forming
* Positive case transfer thanks to retractable guides
* Inner flap folding guaranteed whatever the cardboard quality.
* Accurate hot-melt gluing and case squaring
* Bottom flaps pressed and squared-up to prevent case defects such as tapered gaps between flaps.

* Machine access optimised in order to facilitate maintenance: centralised wiring system, even quicker changeovers, direct access to air and power supply valves.
* Improved ergonomics: completely transparent guards for perfect visibility, operator control panel.
* Centralised adjustment points to ensure quick format changeovers
* Low case magazine to facilitate loading
* Several case sizes can be handled on the same machine
* Various options depending on requirements: interface, gluing method, automatic size changeovers, etc.
* Speed: up to 70 cases per minute depending on the format


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