Cermex SF39 | Case packer


  • Case forming, loading and sealing on a single machine
  • Less cumbersome design
  • Operator zones visible and accessible 


This is the ideal solution for products that cannot be vertically picked or tilted (product which should remain standing up at all times during the packing process).

  • The product positioning is carefully controlled during collation, forming and loading of the RSC.
  • The ergonomic design of the case magazine limits the pressure applied to the case being extracted.
  • The case transfer from station to station is smooth and accurate thanks to a servo-driven trolley.
  • The products are guided during the packing phase by 4 lower movable elevating guides.


  • Ideal solution for a low product infeed
  • Case squaring guaranteed
  • Quick and easy format changeovers
  • Speed: up to 10 cycles/min
  • Operator zones visible and accessible


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