SFR regulated flow selection system


  • High speed, multi-format versatility and quick format changeovers
  • Easy adjustment of lanes and selecting fingers thanks to servo-drive
  • Continuous batch selection



The SFR regulated flow selection system can handle a wide range of products with varying diameters: from 55 to 124 mm (2.16 to 4.88 inches) or 0.25 L to 3 L (0.06 to 0.79 US gallons). Products are collated by speed variation between the selecting module and the downstream conveyor. The SFR is fully adjustable and requires no change parts.

Versatility characterizes the SFR. It allows quick, easy and constant format changeovers (formats managed via machine control panel), and its flexibility facilitates the addition of future formats throughout the machine’s life cycle. As an option, the lane can be automatically adjusted by adding motors.




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