Cermex ProSelex

Today, differentiation via innovative container design is a must. 

But this often leads to complexity when conveying, handling, and collating shaped bottles as they need to be kept in perfect condition and they may become unstable during processing due to their very specific shape. 

Production runs are also getting shorter. The number of formats and SKUs is constantly increasing while case counts are diversifying to include mini and maxi batches. 

The need for fast, repeatable, and easy changeovers is therefore at top of every producer’s agenda. 

The new Cermex ProSelex® generation is designed to meet all these requirements with a system that conveys, pitches, groups, and feeds shaped bottles into any type of case packers. 

Delivering extreme efficiency, high availability, and greater operability, Cermex ProSelex® is an accurate streamlined grouping device.

Top three benefits:

  • Preserve container integrity with continuous product loading flows and minimum upstream accumulation
  • Speed from 80 to 300 bottles/min
  • Fast and easy changeovers, from 1 minute (different collation) to 2 minutes 30 seconds (different bottle format) 


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