Qual-IS™ is Sidel's innovative solution designed to revolutionize quality control and food safety across aseptic production lines.
By integrating all quality control activities — such as sampling plan, laboratory management and traceability — into one intelligent system, Qual-IS™ ensures a proactive approach to maintaining the highest standards of quality.

This advanced digital system not only monitors but actively drives quality improvements, safeguarding your brand reputation and boosting profitability.

  • Integrated Quality Control
  • Advanced Traceability
  • Dynamic Sampling

Sampling Patterns

  • Tailormade and pre-designed sampling patterns enhance efficiency.
  • Automatic adjustments based on test results ensure ongoing quality.

Laboratory Management

  • Centralized data storage for easy access and management of laboratory results.
  • Integration with production data ensures consistency and reliability.

Traceability Details

  • Ensures thorough traceability from production to consumer.
  • Unique bottle codes link to all production data, including preform, cap, recipe, and critical events.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

  • Instant retrieval of historical data and trends for proactive quality control
  • Manage critical control points with ease.

Calibration Management

  • Track calibration certificates with a color-coded system.
  • Receive alerts for upcoming expirations to maintain equipment accuracy.

Quality Dashboards

  • Real-time quality status displayed in an intuitive dashboard.
  • Customizable reports and trend visualizations for better decision-making.
  • Analyse data from multiple plants worldwide in real time

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