Evo-ON® Performance

A productivity-focused app that empowers users to optimise line performance with actionable recommendations to solve efficiency losses. Evo-ON® Performance can increase OEE by up to 20% as it makes it easy to track, understand and address machine inefficiencies.

Optimised line efficiency at your fingertips

The Evo-ON® Performance app ensures production units meet their performance targets. So, you can address efficiency gaps and take accurate corrective actions by:

  • Identifying hidden and quick win opportunities based on Root Cause Analysis
  • Defining priorities according to the issues that most impact your line performance with machine problems automatically ranked by level of importance

Leveraging the most efficient practices given that the app enables benchmarking between your machines and lines 

We focus on customer satisfaction

Always by your side on every step of the way to build, maintain and improve your line performance

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