Evo-ON® Care

Have you ever wished you could anticipate and prevent equipment failures? Evo-ON® Care warns you before issues occur. This smart app analyses contextual component data and monitors trends and deviations. It allows you to move beyond preventive maintenance by leveraging built-in predictive capabilities to anticipate the maintenance of specific parts to the most appropriate time. This can improve OEE by up to 3%.

Turn unplanned downtime into productive time

The Evo-ON® Care app maximises production uptime and reduces operating costs by empowering you to:

  • Avoid defective production and breakdowns due to hidden weaknesses. When a production risk is detected, the system pro-actively warns you to enable rapid corrective action.
  • Extend component service life by up to 30% as a result of real-time, precise information regarding maintenance needs
  • Increase equipment availability with efficient maintenance scheduling. Thanks to accurate maintenance need forecasts, you can plan shorter and fewer spot maintenance activities and focus them in scheduled line downtimes.

We focus on customer satisfaction

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