• Solution integrated into conveying
  • Simple and without adjustment, due to its gravity principle
  • Speed of conveyor during diversion: up to 60 m/min 


Our Divislop pressureless sloped chain divider is flexible, reliable and efficient. Suitable for any cylindrical or square container with a champagne base, it caters to multiple formats using a quick change level and color-coded shims.

Its standard h speed is high - up to 45,000 containers per hour - while it has low space requirements. It deploys simple and economical technology generating high-precision movements and 100% guaranteed product stability.

Divislop is a solution which divides containers from 1 to 2 lanes by diverting them slightly. The slope of the chain then makes the container slip onto the side guide through gravity alone. This system is cheap and reliable and is suitable for low and medium speeds only.


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