• From 1 to 8 lanes in a compact footprint
  • Handling of a wide range of products
  • Distribution without stopping the flow of products 


The Diviarm lane divider transfers products upright on one lane and then distributes them into various lanes via a guiding arm mounted on 2 axes:

  • A transverse axis for distribution into the lanes concerned
  • A longitudinal axis at the same speed as the lower conveyor; the products are consequently virtually stopped

The arm movement is driven by a motor and a timing belt and the distributed products are transferred in the lanes between guides on a lower motorized conveyor, for infeed into a case packer or shrink-wrapper. The number of products per lane is balanced at the machine infeed.

Diviarm is a single infeed lane divider with a maximum arm trajectory of 500mm for distribution onto 2 to 8 lanes. It reaches a maximum speed up to 600 ppm depending on the size and the shape of the product.

It is an autonomous solution which is 100% electric (no pneumatics) and has an independent electrical cabinet. Several control/motorization standards are available - motorization by 2 servo-motors controlling the lateral movement (change of lane) and axial movement (product guiding).

The advantages of Diviarm are many and varied:

  • From 1 to 8 lanes in a compact footprint
  • Handling of a wide range of products
  • Distribution without stopping the flow of products: the longitudinal movement of the arm, at the same speed as the conveyor, means that the products are never blocked when changing lanes
  • Guide design and position adapted to the product (shape, resistance, label, etc.)
  • No need to create a space between products whose shape enables detection. Creation of a space only for shapes such as cartons, cube-shaped products, etc.
  • Easy access to setting points
  • Reduced noise level 


Product evacuation and line management

  • Lane divider emptied automatically if the upstream machines stops:
    • Quick restart
    • Without products falling
    • No loss in synchronization
  • Length of additional conveyor required between the lane divider outfeed and the sensors at the entrance to the machine downstream
  • Requirement to control the upstream accumulation:
    • Foresee accumulation conveyors accordingly
    • Choose the appropriate detections (sensors) and motorization
    • Clarify which machine controls the conveying (upstream machine, labeler, filling machine, etc.) or the lane divider

Format changeover

Adjustment of lane width

  • Infeed guides: 1 setting point
  • Lane divider: 2 setting points by handle or rods
  • Outfeed guides: 1 setting point
  • Manual or servo-driven adjustments possible


  • Operator access on the control side
  • Walk-in access to the heart of the machine thanks to the cantilever design of the frame


Tangential connection

  • All types of products (glass or plastic bottles, aseptic cartons) and materials (PET, glass, cardboard)
  • Wide product size range

End-to-end connection

  • Cost-effective solution
  • Compact footprint

Cross connection

  • Adapted to small and/or unstable products; no dead plate during transfer from one conveyor to another
  • Reduced rubbing of products due to in-line transfer (less contact with lateral guides)

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