Gebo AQFlex for beverages

Upgraded performance
To stay ahead and increase your revenues, you need to keep on optimizing productivity and profitability. How? With enhanced performance reliability combined with major savings. Not only is AQFlex the fastest single-lane conveying and accumulation solution, it also offers the widest speed range on the market to adapt to any production requirements. And with built-in accumulation, AQFlex delivers continuous performance, greater efficiency and controlled production quality for maximized profitability, whatever the speed. All this with advanced energy efficiency! 

Impressive flexibility
Capitalize on your product! AQFlex® supplies smooth single-lane conveying with full automatic changeover capability. Designed to fully respect fragile and premium containers, it gives you greater freedom to design attractive packaging shapes. An ideal solution for high-output production of unusually shaped or thin-wall containers! 

Superior space savings
Get optimized operability with an all-in-one compact solution that frees up essential space. By offering unprecedented flexibility and advanced performance in such a small floor space, AQFlex is setting new industry standards!


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