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Empty container air conveying


  • A full range to accommodate your layout and product characteristics
  • Total product care
  • Bottle specifications: diameter from 45 to 115mm, under-neck diameter from 24.5 to 46.5mm



In lines that have no combi solution, empty container air conveying systems are required to transport empty PET bottles from the blower to the filler.

Sidel’s empty container air conveying systems are extremely flexible, in terms of both layout and formats and products:

  • Plenums: straight, curves, slopes
  • Floor, wall or aerial supports
  • Bottle train formation for conveying or switching 
  • Solutions for simple and fast format changeovers
  • Automatic or manual adjustment of under-neck and lateral guides
  • Different configuration of guides available, flexibility for future formats
  • User-friendly and preconfigured control panel for format selection (automatic guides)
  • Simple format pre-settings easily accessible through the panel view
  • Quick format changeover blow molder interface
  • Automatic or manual bottle ejection:
    • Protection of critical machine from backed-up jamming
    • Direct silo feeding
    • Sampling

Ergonomically designed for optimum cleanability, our empty container air conveying systems are fitted with a removable deck for inside cleaning. They also have a removable convex top cover with an integrated cable tray, and offer users easy clip and slide neck rail replacement.

Our systems guarantee total air purity control for product care:

  • Air filtration: gravimetric pre-filtration (F5), high efficiency opacimetric filtration (F8), HEPA absolute filtration (H12)
  • Air tightness: over-pressure for controlled air flow, connecting flange securing air tight plenum to plenum coupling, side or full cover providing a confined atmosphere

Finally, our empty container air conveying systems are sustainable solutions. Higher performance and energy savings are gained through their dry lubrication for the under-neck guide, which has an improved lifespan. The lubricant is approved by food-processing standards. Our systems also benefit from a 20% decrease in drive electricity consumption by the ventilation columns. The machines’ very low friction coefficient improves reliability.




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