Gebo Aidlin 24


  • Storage, elevation, orientation and high-speed feeding of the capper
  • Optimum reliability
  • Preserved cap integrity and cleanliness 


The Gebo Aidlin 24 standard cap feeder is ergonomic and flexible and offers operational autonomy.

With the Aidlin 24 it is possible to run closures of similar design on the same belt with no adjustment, or only a quick minor setting of the speed bump. It has two pre-feeding solutions: box dumper and trickle feeder. A large-capacity hopper is available, and in the hopper and ejector there is a low-level and blockage detection system.

In terms of ergonomics, it has low space requirements, while cap replenishment takes place at floor level and chest height, ensuring operator safety. With its blown air system at the ejection point, the Aidlin 24 cap feeder is a sustainable solution.



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