Gebo OptiFeed


  • 100% reliability thanks to integrated vision control
  • No air: low power consumption, high hygiene, low noise level
  • Easy integration 


When it comes to your closure feeding, you can put your mind at rest with OptiFeed®! Applicable for both low and high speeds, and offering optimum reliability at high speeds, OptiFeed® is a 4-in-1 solution combining cap storage, orientation, control and elevation to feed your capper with 100% compliant closures.

OptiFeed® is a simple solution for fast and easy integration, as it is both modular and customizable. Its footprint is reduced by up to 75%, and yet operators get full access to all mechanical and electrical parts for maintenance and cleaning. Finally, for ease of installation, OptiFeed® is shipped standing up. 

OptiFeed® control systems

The OptiFeed® control system integrates mechanical and vision devices to automatically detect and reject non-compliant closures without stopping the flow of closures.

  • Securing line efficiency
    • Upside down closures
    • Oval closures
  • Preserving product quality
    • Damaged tamper evident band
    • Color
    • Seal integrity
    • Foreign bodies




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