Gebo Aidlin 24CR


  • Storage, elevation, orientation and high-speed crown feeding
  • Optimal reliability at high speeds
  • Low energy consumption
  • Preserved cap integrity and cleanliness 


Ultra-hygienic: the Aidlin 24CR crown feeder uses waterfall technology, which creates no dust. To guarantee cap hygiene, it has an air de-dusting device as well as gravimetric or Hepa H13 air filtration. The hopper is raised and has a secure front access door for cleaning. The Aidlin 24CR crown feeder gives operators total accessibility and implements easily washable materials (PET, stainless steel).

It is also autonomous, with its pre-feeding solutions: box dumper and trickle feeder. A large-capacity hopper is available, and the hopper and ejector are fitted with a low-level and blockage detection system.

In terms of ergonomics, the Aidlin 24CR crown feeder has low space requirements. It also features cap replenishment at floor level and chest height, along with tool-free adjustment of the speed bump.


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