Gebo Conveying | AQ-MAX


  • Large capacity and low-pressure accumulation
  • Optimum reliability thanks to an open design and a simple running principle
  • Easy integration in any type of line 


The AQ-MAX boasts great accumulation capacities within a compact space: nearly 100% of the table surface is used for accumulation, so efficiency is to the fore.

It is a pressureless accumulation system that is highly flexible, able to handle glass, metal containers and plastics, and is particularly suitable for PET bottles: these bottles do not stick or get out of shape. It can handle round and non-round products without mechanical changes, and delivers multi-format operation without changeover settings. Furthermore, is can easily be integrated into any type of line whether new or existing, thanks to the compactness and the modularity of the table.

The AQ-MAX is gentle on your products, as it exerts no significant pressure on them or on the guide rails thanks to a natural mechanical regulation of the containers. Finally, you will not experience jamming or abrasion, thanks to the proportions and the low pressure of the table.



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