Gebo Conveying | AQ-HC


  • High capacity accumulation
  • Adapted to high speed glass & PET lines
  • Particularly suited to large production flow variations (high-speed lines, Combi) 


The AQ-HC high capacity pressureless accumulation system is adapted to high-speed glass & PET lines and is particularly well suited to large production flow variations (high-speed lines, Combi). It uses a pressureless and First-In First-Out running principle and ensures optimum responsiveness thanks to its long table size and wide table infeed.

It guarantees maximum accumulation potential thanks to:

  • 100% use of the effective space
  • Use of all infeed chains for accumulation
  • Up to 20% better accumulation / surface ratio than the AQ-Max

Product care is ensured, as the AQ-HC exerts very low pressure on containers. The system’s great FIFO precision, close to that of single-file conveying, also enables a great product traceability.

The AQ-HC offers multi-format flexibility, handling round and non-round products without any mechanical changes required; this multi-format capability is ensured without changeover settings.

In addition, only one AQ-HC between Sidel Combi and labeler is required and the system can easily integrate into new or existing lines. It is also an easy-to-operate and requires low-maintenance.


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