The pasteurization of your product is key to both its shelf life and customer experience.


SWING® pasteurizers are a cut above competitors’ products thanks to their innovative and exclusive philosophy for controlling the accumulation of Pasteurization Units (PUs), offering the most precise heat treatment. SWING® process avoids water mixing during the PU control phase. Our pasteurizers are equipped with PRINCE, the most advanced pasteurization control system enabling a high precision bactericidal effect while minimizing energy and cooling water consumption from low speed up to 180K cans and 120K bottles per hour. 

The new SWING® Single Deck pasteurizer

The new SWING® single deck pasteurizer is designed to fit with your compactness constraints. In a very compact and smart unit, the SWING®’s high flexibility handles a large variety of formats and packagings. Moreover, it automatically supports changeovers and is suitable with low and medium speeds. It makes SWING® single deck pasteurizer the ideal pasteurizing solution for food market as well as seasonal beverages, ensuring the tracking of your products all along the pasteurizing process.



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