• Compact design
  • High technological level
  • Easy and safe maintenance 


The Aqua low/medium-speed machine is a single-end bottle washer designed for beer, soft drinks, juices, water and other beverages. Its infeed and discharge systems ensure smooth, gentle bottle treatment. It offers the possibility of a single or double prewash. With its hygienic design, spraying-zone visibility is high and the machine comprises 4 rinsing zones.

Its assets are many and varied:

  • Made in one piece: Plug&Play concept
  • 7 different available widths, up to 3.5 meters
  • Up to 30 000 bph, 500 ml; up to 20 000 bph, 1 liter; etc.
  • 5 different available lengths
  • Single label extraction
  • Can be equipped with automatic filtering system
  • Single heat exchanger, reducing cleaning and maintenance operations


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